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IGF 2012 Workshop Proposal :: (No: 80) STEADY STEPS FOSS AND THE MDG’s PDF Print E-mail

IGF Theme(s) for workshop: Internet Governance for Development [IG4D] cross cutting priority

Main theme question address by workshop: IG4D Thematic Cluster 2 « Enabling Environment » Question 1: What does it take to attract investment in infrastructure

Concise description of the proposed workshop:

This workshop will address some key areas, where Free and open source software has made a milestone, in the last few years to fulfill the Millennium development goal, across the globe.

The Panelists will give practical presentations/projects on Free and Open Ssource Software, that has changed the face of :
i) In Governments:-
We will look at, Policy in the area of Open Data,
ii) In Academia:-
We will look at, Open Education Resources (OER) , FOSS in schools etc, both in Africa and India.
iii) In Private Sector- we will look at , Wealth creation, innovation and job creation, just to mention but a few.

2. Secondly we will look at how FOSS is bridging the digital divide, existing between the different age groups more especially the Youth, Women, between the different social circles/media , inclusion of person’s with disabilities.etc, through partnerships and rural deployment of FOSS. We will have the privilege to look at initiative(s), in Brazil .
3. Last but not least, It will address, what or which policies should governments embrace, that would continue to enhance FOSS in the Internet development goal at national level , regional level and global level?
A time for questions and answers, will be given to all participants and a time for discussion depending on time.

Background PaperBackground Paper for the FOSS workshop.pdf


Name of the organiser(s) of the workshop and their affiliation to various stakeholder groups:

  • Ms. Judy Okite, Free Software and OpenSource Foundation For Africa (FOSSFA) – Africa, Civil Society
  • Mr. Satish Babu, International Center For Free and Open Source Software (ICFOSS) – India, Government

Have you, or any of your co-organisers, organised an IGF workshop before?: Yes

Please provide link(s) to workshop(s) or report(s):


Provide the names and affiliations of the panellists you are planning to invite:


  • Mr. Satish Babu – ICFOSS, India – Moderator
  • Mr. Fernando Botelho-, Brazil (R P)
  • Ms. Anne Rachel Inne, ICANN
  • Mr. Sunil Abraham , CIS Bangalore, India
  • Ms. Judy Okite- FOSSFA, Remote Moderator(TBC)
  • Mr. Yves Miezan Ezo, FOSSFA , CHALA, France
  • Hon.Eng. James Rege , M.P, Chair, Parliamentary. Select Committee on Energy, Transport, Information,. Communication, and Public Works,Kenya.


Name of Remote Moderator(s):

Ms. Judy Okite, FOSSFA